Thank you for your support! Volunteers receive a tournament shirt and meal voucher. Parking passes if required.

Shifts may change slightly by 1/2 hour or 1 hour depending on match schedule but we will inform you in advance.

If you need to cancel a shift or have any questions please contact 604-916-0055

Curious to see what each role entails? Watch the instructional videos for each role to know what to expect while volunteering with us at the Park! Copy and paste the links into a new browser to view:

Control Desk Set Up - https://youtu.be/zWy8SUMIDXg
Sending Matches on court - https://youtu.be/qdp5Xv9q84o
Player Check in - https://youtu.be/vyKPSmU35Ms
Recording the Match Score - https://youtu.be/A4C-WYhgwWs
Court Maintenance - https://youtu.be/OC-i-u2TD1M
Welcome Desk - https://youtu.be/4wEo_ljLnFU
Court Monitors - https://youtu.be/frtVfK0fLrg

Sorry, there are not any shifts available online at this time.

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